7 Chakra Anxiety Healing Stone Bracelet

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Start Balancing Your Chakras

Unbalanced chakras lead to certain physical and emotional issues: stress, anxiety, life problems, health problems, and negative energy.

By wearing our bracelet, you will balance your chakras and restore the energy flow in your system, creating a good positive flow to remove stress and other obstacles in your life.

Our 7 Chakra Natural Healing Stone Bracelet emits high-frequency vibrations to balance your chakras to promote positive and full-of-life feeling. By having your chakras balanced, you will also be easing your mind and promoting nights of deeper sleep.

7 Healing Stone Benefits:

Amethyst: Relieve stress and bring peace

Blue Kyanite: Brings order and balance within ourselves

Turquoise: Represents wisdom, tranquility, protection, good fortune, and hope

Green Quartz: Stimulates creativity and intuition

Citrine: Attracts abundance, wealth & prosperity

Red Jasper: Helps overcome worry and calm anxiety

Tiger Eye: Promotes mental clarity & focus

Surround your environment with positive energy and healing power. Each bracelet is handcrafted, cleansed, and charged in the moonlight or sun by local artisans ❤️

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