The Chakra Healing Bracelet - Tiger's Eye

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Balance - Success - Health

Achieve balance on all planes with our Chakra Healing bracelet. When energy flows through all the chakras properly, our physical, mental, and emotional bodies will heal and balance out. This is very important for having a clear mind when making important decisions.

About Tiger's Eye Stone:

Tiger's Eye serves as the spiritual compass that guides you towards the light, helping you harness the powers of the universe in whatever you set out to do, whether it's matters of the heart or the boldest career ambitions. This healing stone will support you in making difficult decisions and remove self-doubt.

Free your mind from negative thoughts and stress. Balance your crown chakra.

Product Dimensions:

  • Bracelet Length: 6.3 in (16 cm)
  • Weight: 0.9 - 1.2 - oz (25 - 35 g) according to the size
  • Natural Stone: Tiger Eye
  • Color: Pink, Green, Yellow, Blue, Violet, Brown

Handmade design from our beautiful artists with love to keep you looking fresh 24/7. Every bracelet has a personal touch to it.

Free worldwide shipping from the USA and Nepal.

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